Laughter Workshops

Laughter Therapy, Joy and Happiness Workshops

When you laugh you change! When you change the whole world changes!
Laughter therapy and Laugther Yoga workshops are a really good way for for individuals as well as teams in organisations or private groups to find out how to incorporate laughter into life or to get a taste of what Laughter Yoga is about prior to deciding for a Laughter Yoga Training course.
Any of the open workshops offered by UnitedMind can be tailored to suit organisational requirements for further professional development within the public and private sectors.
A Laughter Workshop is a great motivational structure for everyone!
Laughter Yoga is a key-ingredient in all of our workshops and training programmes.
However, each workshop introduces specific techniques and details relating to the theme of the workshop, e.g. weight-loss, business building, fun, stress management, team building, improved communication, peak performance etc.
Workshops, courses and therapies offered by UnitedMind can all be booked by contacting us.

Laughter Alone – laughing in the face of challenges!

When things are flowing and life is jolly good laughter is readily available – but how do you laugh when you are faced with troubled and challenging times? Practicing Laughter Yoga regularly creates psychological and physiological changes that enables you to tackle stressful situation with a smile on your face.

Gibberish Communication – nonsense with an edge

Daily communication can be challenging and this workshop takes interaction to the next level.  It is an empowering workshop that explores different ways of communicating compassionately and confidently. Work with two of Britain’s fine communication specialist in this new workshop and learn new interpersonal skills.

Laughter is Serious Business

After the Laughter Yoga Leader Training a new world of opportunity opens. We will discuss in depth how a successful laughter business can be structured, what is a business plan, how do you market yourself, who do you contact, which medias are willing to promote your ideas etc.  A programme to assist you in acting on your dream.

The Science of Laughter

In this workshop we will explore how laughter relate to scientific evidence, personal situations and daily de-stressing.  You will discover and experience the amazing benefits of Laughter Yoga and try the exercises that work best for you, explore contagious emotions, why posture affects our mood, and much more.

Laughter Medicine

The original Laughter Medicine workshop with new and updated material.  Find out how to improve your health by adding more laughter and playfulness to your life. The workshop has been re-designed to suit the new generation of laughter-hungry people in the UK and beyond – more laughter, more fun, more games more ideas!

Laughter and Breathing – breath awareness

This workshop focuses on breathing techniques to promote better health and longevity, as well as encourage great performance at work. You will learn to incorporate deep breathing into your life so it becomes second nature – something so natural you do not even think about it. Furthermore we will explore laughter and meditation techniques.

Laugh it Off! Laugh your way to a lean body!

Laugh your way to a lean body on the Laugh it Off workshop. By discovering ways in which you can incorporate more laughter into your daily routines, life takes on a different perspective and the pounds could be rolling off to the sound of your giggles and chuckles.

Loving your Life – joy and happiness

The Laughter and Happiness workshop explores the values we label our happiness with and takes you on a discovery to find true joyfulness and happiness. The workshop is held in London and run by the two Laughter Ambassadors in the UK, Julie Whitehead and Lotte Mikkelsen. Book early – limited space.