Laughter Yoga and Therapy Testimonials

Over the years many organisations have provided feedback with reference to the laughter therapy, laughter training, laughter coaching and laughter workshops UnitedMind have provided solely or jointly with colleagues from the Laughter Network.
Although, some people may have found it challenging to participate, the overall impression and outcome is positive.
The comments is a great reminder of the personal benefits and team value the work leaves with the individuals and organisations I am privileged to work with. Laughter Yoga is a life changing and lasting tool for positive transformation.

Corporate Laughter Workshops

  • “We were quite impressed with how the session went. Lotte tailor made the laughing therapy exercise to fit within the client’s marketing strategy. It certainly was a challenge to make a numerous and challenging audience laugh, which she did brilliantly. Overall, it was quite a satisfactory experience.
    Wieden + Kennedy
  • “Thought the participants wouldn’t enjoy it and were surprised they did…! With the variable abilities of the participants the sessions were tailored to suit.
    UK organisation
  • “Very well organised and clear about purpose and methods.  All who attended seemed to have fun.”
    Adult Care Services
  • “Lighthearted workshops but with serious undertones.  The value of laughter communicated well.”
    NHS Norwich
  • “Staff enjoyed the session a lot.  We all got to know each other a lot better.  Great team building thing.”
    NHS London
  • “I would recommend this laughter therapy to everyone – not only for carers who are under a lot of stress.”
    Carers in North London
  • “Fun, very worthwhile.  Had lasting effect on the group, which surprised me.”
  • “Really good. Very well conducted. Excellent workshop, lots of activities interspersed with interesting information.”
    The Children’s Society
  • “Well presented.  Besides the obvious health benefits mentioned, handout reinforces the message.”
    The RoyalMail

Laughter Workshops

  • “I liked it because it all comes from real life experiences, not theory.”
    Monica about Laughter is Serious Business
  • “It was great I felt I came away with a lot of new information and felt more confident about the next step-also, renewed determination to have continuity and follow up emails etc to potential clients.”
    Jennifer about Laughter is Serious Business
  • “I’ve just completed a BRILLIANT! Online One-on-One Laughter Coaching Session with Lotte! Very Good Very Good YAY! She is Incredible! I’d definitely recommend it if you’ve not done it yet.”
    Linda about One-On-One Laughter Coaching Training Day

Telephone Laughter

  • “I started doing Telephone Laughter 1 1/2 years ago. I love the fact you can do it at home, any where even in your dressing gown, also any one can do it, especially if they can’t get out of the House. Telephone Laughter allows me to let go. It lifts my mood. Re-energises me, and definitely puts a smile on my face. I know this sounds like a cliche, it puts a spring in my step! I know since doing Telephone Laughter my attitude towards difficulties and challenges has helped me cope, deal with and let go. Because I’m happier it sends out good positive energy to family, friends and who ever I meet throughout my day. Thank you Lotte and fellow Telephone Laughtees.”
  • “I actually find my best laughs are on the phone as I can laugh more freely and find laughs I did not know I had, with eyes closed and no distractions. What’s so great about laughter is that there is no content, it can cure without causing any pain.”
  • “I am feeling the benefits again. It makes such a difference to laugh every morning.”
  • “I was laughing by myself for 10 mins or so most mornings before being given the number. The phone club is cosier and it’s lovely to have company laughing, especially if you live by yourself, it’s an excellent start to the day.”
  • “I’m a regular participant in the morning laugh.  I’m really getting hooked.  Now I have real tears and wonderful reactive body stuff.  I often lie on the floor, like when I was a kid, and roll about. It’s great. I can see my progression and can feel the benefits. My morning exercises are so much easier after laughing, it’s such a simple effective easy way to start the day, and it rubs off in all sorts of unexpected ways.”

Laughter Yoga Teacher Training

  • “The Laughter Yoga Teacher training from United Mind was delivered by Lotte Mikkelsen in a fun filled, creative, playful, compassionate and professional manner. Ha,Ha! It is sometime since I completed the Laughter Leaders course so it was helpful to refresh some of the material as well as learning lots of new course content. Ha,Ha. Lotte makes learning easy and fun and I loved the 5 days. This model, which was developed by Dr Madan Kataria, of sharing Laughter Yoga with others who plan to use Laughter in their own lives, is truly a blessing and a privilege. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to other people who want to walk forward to train others.”
  • “I have been totally inspired since my training and haven’t stopped putting new programmes and ideas together- My Daily Laughter Practice is releasing so much creative energy – it’s amazing!!!”
  • “It has been a powerful course! Thank you.”
  • “Thanks so much for a truly amazing week of laughs, new skills, gibberish, knowledge, wisdom, meditation/breathing. It has felt like a retreat – the best in the world!”
  • “I am so grateful that you gave me the courage to grow up and become the child inside!”

Laughter Yoga Leader Training

  • “Well, totally amazing… I mean totally amazing. I had such a blast. Thank you so much. Not only did I rediscover my laugh which I now find readily whenever I need it but I also discovered a little of lifes wisdom I think. With so much suffering in the world I really feel that Yoga Laughter is a wonderful way to intervene and spread a little joy to people.”
  • “I have run several laughter sessions with staff and patients that I work with and we have always had a thoroughly good time! You can’t beat a good laugh to raise the spirits and mood!”
    Sue, NHS
  • “Thank you for a fab weekend and a few of us are going to meet up. You made everyone feel welcome and it was such a relaxed atmosphere. Will keep spreading the word.”
    Pat, NHS
  • “Just a line to say thank you for sharing your wisdom and skilful teaching with me this weekend. I so enjoyed the two days of laughing with you and the other folks on the training. Yesterday I felt very restored and relaxed! And my breathing is better as well. A complete contrast to my nursing colleagues this morning who all had the Monday morning feeling!”
    Pauline, Yoga Teacher