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Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapy Workshops

Laughter Workshops are available for individuals and teams in workplaces across the UK.  The workshops are revolutionary by incorporating Laughter Yoga into workshops for team building, stress management, improved communication, confidence boosting, anger management, peak performance, management skills and organisational health and wellbeing in general.  Laughter Yoga provides a platform for anyone to benefit irrespective of background, physical and psychological health, and outlook.  The techniques benefit people who live with chronic illness as well as people in good health.
One-On-One Laughter Coaching. The 8-week laughter coaching programme adds great value to anyone who wants to enjoy a positive perspective both personally and professionally. The programme is ideal for people who are facing severe seriousness and is an essential toolbox to kickstart that positive perspective. The programme can be conducted privately for individuals or for staff and managers in workplaces. Book online through UnitedMind.
Laughter Alone. Spend half a day learning techniques you can use daily when you want to add more laughter to your life. The three hours is a combination of laughter exercises and breathing techniques which are safe to conduct at home and with your colleagues.  This workshop is suitable for teams as well as individuals.  Book online through UnitedMind.
Gibberish Communication. Gibberish dis-engages the analytical mind from what is being expressed as it has no meaning.  The workshop is ideal for management teams, middle management, and other teams who sometimes face communication challenges.  Gibberish is a very good tool to use for anger and conflict management as well as improving communication and presentation skills.  This 1-day workshop is run by Kris Bell of Sole Developers and Lotte Mikkelsen of UnitedMind.  Can be booked as individual or for teams in workplaces.  Book online through UnitedMind.
Laughter Medicine. A 2-hour playful workshop which takes the participants through a programme of theory and exercises, games and fun. Be willing to try new ways of laughing and new ways of being creative - it is all good for your personal life as well as your work life.  An excellent taster workshop for teams in workplaces.  Book online through UnitedMind.
Breathing Business. Much too often people forget to breathe into the body which leaves lots of stale air, toxins and carbondioxide in the lungs. The stagnant air is part of what creates stress related symptoms and airway ailments.  Learn to breathe properly into your lungs and body with breathing techniques that are adaptable to a busy life.  Breathing is the life force or any individual and business.  Book online through UnitedMind.
Laughter is Serious Business - mainly for Laughter Graduates. Taking your Laughter Yoga adventure to the next level can be a big issue when you leave the training room after completing your Laughter Yoga Leader Certification.  The Laughter is Serious Business workshop may not give you all the answers but it will give you some good ideas and tips to kickstart your laughter business.  Book through UnitedMind.

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