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About Laughter Yoga and Lotte Mikkelsen

Laughter Yoga Ltd. is part of the UnitedMind Group of company and provide laughter-based services and products to individuals and teams across the United Kingdom and beyond.

With an extensive range of Laughter Yoga Training courses and workshops there is a route to training in the techniques for everyone irrespective of background, values, location, etc.

Lotte Mikkelsen is the Founder of UnitedMind Ltd., The Laughter Club International (St. Albans), The Telephone Laughter Club (UK), The Online Laughter Club, Gibberish Communications Ltd. and Laughter Yoga Ltd.

She has been working professionally with Laughter Yoga, therapeutic laughter and holistic therapies since 2002.

However, her first encounter with Laughter Yoga was in January 2000 when the Happydemic world record was set in Copenhagen on World Laughter Day.
In 2006 Lotte was appointed Laughter Ambassodor because of her work in spreading laughter and promoting the benefits of laughter to everyone.
In 2007 Lotte started training people in the techniques and has since then trained hundreds of individuals and teams across the UK.  The training runs in London, St. Albans, and Durham. From 2013 it will be available in the Scottish town of Dumbarton.
In 2008 Lotte started the Telephone Laughter Club which runs Monday to Friday at 7:00am to 7:00pm. This service attracts many people who wish to add laughter as a means to kick-start each day in a positive frame of mind.
Over the years a series of workshops and training programmes have been developed based on the original Laughter Yoga techniques but uniquely put together with Lotte's own experience and high level of integrity which makes each workshop and course a cutting-edge programme for individuals and teams who wish to expand and improve on their health, people and communication, stress management tools, anger management, peak performance and other personal, professional and corporate skills.
In 2012 Lotte has become the Laughter Yoga Master Trainer in the UK and has gained the qualification to train Laughter Yoga Leaders to become Laughter Yoga Teachers. For the first time in 10 years the Laughter Yoga Teacher Training is now available as a qualification and will be run regularly around the UK.

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