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Laughter Training

You can train as a Certified Yoga Professional or Laughter Therapist, and share laughter in your personal and professional communities. Laughter Yoga Leader Training runs in London, St Albans, Durham, Blackpool, and online. Laughter Yoga Teacher Training runs in Hemel Hempstead and in Durham. Laughter Therapist Training runs in St Albans and online. Alternatively you can book us to run your choice of training at your venue or workplace.

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Laughter Workshops

Bring health and positive energy to yourself and your team. Laughter Workshops are great team work and stress management sessions for everyone. Add an hour to your busy schedule, half a day or a whole day for developing your team, your colleagues, your staff, your circle. Gibberish, Laughter Coaching, Reclaim your Face, Laughter Medicine, Breath Awareness, and other open workshops can be tailormade with your team in mind.

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Laughter Clubs and Conferences

Around the UK and all over the world Laughter Yoga, happiness and mindful living is being celebrated at events like The Playing Human Conference and Laughter Yoga Conferences. In 2020 we will celebrate Laughter Yoga 25 Anniversary, laughter, play, health and happiness in London on 15-17 April. A unique opportunity to experience some of the great laughter representatives in the UK and share laughter for the benefits of it all.

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